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1.    Guestwell camp field and hut is only to be used for organised Scout or Guide activities. (unless agreed by Guestwell Campsite Committee)

2.    All members, including helpers of the visiting group are covered by their own insurance to use any part of Guestwell.

3.    They accept responsibility for the conduct of their group, and will seek to prevent damage or misuse to of any part of the camp field, hut or wood land caused by the group whether by accident or malicious.

4.    That all members of their group pay heed to any signs or instructions that maybe displayed by Guestwell Management.

5.    The wood land is entered through a gate in the camp field and this gate is kept locked at all times and only opened briefly to enter and exit the wood.

6.    Only Scout and Guide groups staying at Guestwell are allowed to enter the woods through the gate.

7.    No plants or living trees are to be damaged or removed from the wood.

8.    Fallen wood or dead wood may be removed and used for camp fires

9.    No creature is to be harmed or disturbed.

10. Pathways are to be used in order to prevent damage to the ground plants.

11. No children in their group are allowed to play in the woods unsupervised.

12.Any equipment used must be removed following an activity; this includes rope swings, shelters, hides, paper trails, litter etc. You may enjoy the woods for Scout or Guide activities.

13. No camping or fires in the woods.

14. All members of the groups staying are made aware that the Woodland Trustís Warden patrols the woodland and any infringement of the rules will result in the agreement to use the woods being withdrawn.

15. Camp fires may be enjoyed in the camp fire circle, but no log seating may be removed, burnt or rubbish left in the fire circle, this includes bottles, cans, metal etc.  

16. No fires made anywhere but the fire circle, and in the fire shelter,

17. The fire shelter must be left clean and tidy, this includes un-burnt rubbish and the floor swept. Any not used firewood returned to woods please. and Our fire bricks left as you find them.                   

18. The outside washing up area should be kept clean and tidy and thoroughly cleaned before you leave .

19. No vehicles driven on camp field.

20. The building and gate are to be locked and secure when left unattended.

21. No smoking in the buildings or anywhere on Guestwell grounds.

22. All rubbish is to be burnt or removed from site; we do not have a rubbish collection, so take everything home with you. This includes half burnt tin cans, glass bottles and burnt foil!

23. No Dogs allowed anywhere on site.

24. Guestwell Tables and chairs are for indoor use only and must be wiped and cleaned after use.

25. The hall, kitchen and toilets must be mopped, cleaned and swept regularly and kept smelling sweet. On Departure all areas Must be swept and mopped and surfaces toilets cleaned .

26. No food is to be left on any shelves, in any cupboards, fridges or freezer after you leave. Please take all unwanted food home with you, only encourages the local wildlife.

27. There is no access to any Equipment owned by Guestwell Scouts without prior arrangement, groups are expected to bring there own.

28. Guestwell Campsite does not supply any cleaning materials; this includes black sacks, cloths. Washing up liquid or toilet rolls etc.

29. There is a No Alcohol policy at Guestwell Campsite, this is inline with Scouting Association POR.

30.Please respect and be considerate to our neighbours and members of public using the woods.


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